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Run for Conservation in Plymouth, Massachusetts


Myles Standish State Forest is a beautiful and massive state park situated in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts and offers visitors a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and instead immerse themselves in nature. Myles Standish has quickly become an area well known to runners as a place that offers challenging road and trail options thanks to several races that now take place inside the confines of the state forest.

Yesterday morning it was off to Myles Standish for the Run for Conservation 5K, a race that helps to raise funds for Wildlands Trust. Wildlands Trust is a favorite local charity of mine and is dedicated to conserving land and preserving the natural heritage of Southeastern Massachusetts. They work to permanently protect and steward important habitats and landscapes, including woodlands and fields, ponds, coastal areas, agricultural lands, and river systems. With so much natural beauty across Southeastern Massachusetts, the work that Wildlands Trust does to ensure that residential and commercial sprawl does not eat into the natural heritage is something we all should get behind and support.

The race kicked off at 9AM and was a reverse course from when I last did the race two years ago. After making our way down a quick hill, runners then hit a sandy path for about a mile and a half. Running on beach-fine sand can be a challenge but I was able to maintain a nice pace as I made my way toward the water stop half-way through and then back out onto the pavement. Once back out onto the pavement, the final half of the course was a rolling stretch up and down some nice rolling hills and into the finish line.

I remember running this race rather well three years ago but this year I tackled the course with an even faster pace and finished the race with a time of 21:19 or 6:51/miles. Not bad for the last day of my 33rd year on earth and maybe a sign of good things to continue into 34.

For more information about Wildlands Trust, be sure to check out their Facebook page by clicking here.

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