Easton Children’s Museum Fathers Day 10K

Fire Station Exterior

To celebrate Fathers Day, it was off to the Easton Children’s Museum 10K in Easton, Massachusetts. Unfortunately ominous skies that quickly turned to rain kept the kids at home with a sitter but we were able to enjoy the day after the race. This year, the race served as the June Grand Prix race for the Thirsty Irish Runners and a huge contingent of green-clad runners hit the starting line and made their way out onto the course.

The race time temperatures were on the warm side with a healthy dose of humidity mixed into the air. The race took runners through a nice, rolling 10k course that had a couple of challenges mixed in. The race directors did a nice job having volunteers on the course handing out water, a commodity that was clearly needed given the weather. At just around mile 5.5 it started to open up in terms of the rain and the rain helped the shirt cling to the body even more.

Relative to the course, the rolling hills and mixture of neighborhoods that we ran through allowed runners to change things up in terms of running pace and some of my running pals helped the legs keep on kicking throughout the course. Post-race, there was a great award ceremony including cash for top winners and Children’s Museum mugs for age group winners and a plethora of food and drink provided by the race and by sponsors.

I finished the Easton Children’s Museum 10K with a time of 50:34 or 8:08/miles.

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