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Luce 5K and Fun Run in Canton, Massachusetts


It was a great day yesterday in Canton, Massachusetts for the Luce 5K and Fun Run. My seven year-old daughter participated in the half-mile fun run at the school and was an absolute competitor out there on the pavement. As she crossed the finish line, she grabbed a water and a Popsicle and then asked immediately when her next race is going to be. The running tradition continues and I couldn’t be a prouder dad!

The 5K kicked off at 11AM after the kids races and the course started at the base of a hill. After sprinting up the hill it was then a rather fast, downhill stretch for most of the first mile. At the 1 mile mark, the thoughts about all the joys of sprinting downhill slowly subsided as gradual climbing worked its way into the mix. The next 1.5 miles or so were relatively uphill, even if just at the slightest incline at times, but the calves could definitely feel the difference of the road after the first mile. Big shout out to the Canton Police Department who did a great job patrolling the course and coned off most of the main running road to ensure runner safety. Yesterday it was rather warm at race time so thankfully the race organizers had two water stops out on the course.

The last stretch of the race had runners run in front of the Luce School and past some fans cheering runners into the finish chute. The race directors had two bouncy houses on the front lawn of the school so both my runner daughter and three year old could be entertained by the babysitter as we ran but were also strategically placed to cheer us into the finish line.

I finished the Luce 5k with a time of 23:36, good for 7:36/miles. Not a bad racing time but the day was a huge win watching my daughter compete in her first official road race. Can’t wait for what the running future has in store!

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