Raynham Knights of Columbus 5 Miler


Yesterday morning it was just a skip to the town next door for the Raynham Knights of Columbus 5 Miler in Raynham, Massachusetts. The race was postponed a couple of weeks due to the rough winter snow we faced in New England in February into March but the snow was just a mere memory on what was an absolutely beautiful running morning with temperatures very comfortable and a rather good head wind to content with on each turn.

The course is a 5 mile loop and was changed a bit from previous years as the starting line was moved to a different spot on the course which meant the King Phillip hill was at the start of the course rather than toward the finish line. I ran the course really well and felt good heading up the big hill and throughout the streets of Raynham. The course had a couple rolling hills mixed in and a healthy amount of rather flat running to allow for some speed maintenance throughout the race.

I finished the Raynham Knights of Columbus Five Miler with a time of 37:53, good for a nice pace of 7:34/mile. After the race I was also awarded second place in my age bracket so not a bad morning of running!

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