Register for Trav’s Trail Run


Registration is now open for Trav’s Trail Run which will be held on May 17, 2015 in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

All race profits from this race will help fund scholarships for scholar/athletes at: Newburyport High School, Green Mountain Running Camp, RRCA Road Scholars and Zap Fitness. This race is dedicated to Travis Landreth, (May 24, 1976 – January 12, 2001) who was a Newburyport native and 1994 Newburyport High School graduate and runner.

The race is a three mile cross country race in Maudslay State Park and the fact that the race supports young runners help realize their dreams is a cause all runners can get behind and support.

The race has great trail mugs that are awarded to age division winners and features a huge post-race raffle for all runners.

To register for the race, please click here to register online. You can also “Like” the race on Facebook by clicking here.

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