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The Running Griffin Partners with Octane Fitness


We are proud to be aligned with the latest in zero-impact running innovation with the launch of the new Zero Runner by Octane Fitness. As many runners can attest to, pounding the pavement over and over can take a significant toll on the joints and may lead to injuries, so it is imperative to have cross-training options available to help ensure successful running performance over time.

Due to the damaging nature of impact over time, runners try to manage impact by running on treadmills versus outside, or choosing to run on gravel or sand versus cement, for instance. And runners use ellipticals and other fitness equipment as cross-training devices to give their bodies a break from all that stress. But some runners shun cross training on machines because they say that nothing else feels like running, and they worry if they are really benefiting from different workouts.

What’s exciting is that more tools are available today to help runners cross train and manage impact better, yet still reap the performance benefits of running. These options offer excellent conditioning and running-specific benefits:

Zero Runner – The first-of-its-kind indoor training option that replicates a real running motion. It’s different than an elliptical, because it has knee and hip joints so that you can kick up your heel and activate your hamstrings – just like you would outside. And the heel kick is critical to a runner’s development. Unlike a treadmill, on the Zero Runner, you can really use your typical stride, which feels much more natural. And it has a gait tracer, which can help you monitor the health of your stride throughout runs. This machine is worth checking out, as it can help you prepare for longer races, incorporate active recovery and ultimately prolong your running career. See the details here.

Elliptigo – This is similar to the Zero Runner but it’s an outdoor option. It’s a cross between a bike and an elliptical that allows you to pedal in a running motion without any jarring to the joints. While it may look kind of funny, many people like this machine. That includes Meb Keflezighi, the 2014 Boston Marathon champion, and the first American to win the Boston marathon since 1985, who cross trains with an ElliptiGo. Check out elliptigo.com for more information.

AlterG – While this is typically only an option for commercial athletic training and rehab settings due to its hefty price tag (starting at $35,000), the AlterG is like training in outer space. It is an anti-gravity treadmill that unweights a percentage of your body so that you run on it carrying only a portion of your actual body weight, which significantly reduces the impact and stress to the joints. You feel lighter, and potentially faster. While it’s definitely not as accessible as the Zero Runner or Elliptgo, the AlterG is a great option if you ever get the chance to try one. Take a look at it here.

Be sure to check out the Zero Runner if you are serious about taking care of yourself and following a safe, proper training regimen. There’s just nothing else like it available, and it can revolutionize your training – whether you’re a recreational or ultra-competitive runner. See Octane Fitness on Facebook as well by clicking here.

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