Race Recap: Seagull Six


This morning it was down to Cape Cod’s Wood’s Hole section of Falmouth for the Seagull Six Road Race. This race is put on by the Falmouth Track Club and is usually a huge showing for my running club as it tends to be one of our Grand Prix races. The course is a brutally hilly course with the entire first two miles consisting of a climb that is not for the faint of heart followed by a slight downhill and then some monster rolling hills. Even as you pass the Mile 5 sign you realize that you have just shy of 3/4 of a mile left to go (the race is 5.74 miles) but you know the climbing still is not done.

When arriving in Falmouth it was noticeably a couple degrees chillier than back home but the sun was shining bright and after the winter we have had here in New England running outside is an absolute joy right about now. I felt pretty strong for most of the race and the hills didn’t seem to bother me too much this weekend; perhaps coming off of a half-marathon and Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Road Race‘s hilly course was a good thing.

Though I have run a better Seagull Six in the past, today’s race I can’t be too upset with as I ran strong and had a good time out on the course. I finished today’s Seagull Six with a time of 46:36, good for 8:07/miles.

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