Rock ‘N’ Roll Half-Marathon in Washington, DC


I headed to the nation’s capital this weekend to take part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon. Having run previously in the Marine Corps Marathon and the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and there is truly something awesome about running in Washington, DC. While running past the Washington Monument, the White House and the other historical sites, each mile maintains an interesting running appeal that makes running in DC all the better.

It’s interesting to note that my other Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon experience was running when Providence hosted the series and the weather for that race was absolutely awful. Yesterday was cold and rainy and the rain presented an interesting challenge for runners forcing them to find dry shelter before the race and then dodge puddles during the course of the race. That said, the enthusiasm out on the race course was top notch and the Washington, DC spectators deserve a lot of credit for braving the elements and cheering the runners on.

The best challenge of the race came around the 5.5 mile mark where runners made their way up hum-dinger of a hill. What helped each of us get up the hill was the amazing display of support with people holding American flags and then signs showing fallen soldiers that passed while fighting in the most recent wars. This emotional display really tugged on the heartstrings but made each step up the hill more and more meaningful.

The race finished outside of RFK Stadium but where the headline act of the main music set was Better Than Ezra. Unfortunately, due to the fact we were completely soaked and frozen to the core we opted to instead take the Metro back to our hotel rather than stick around for the free concert. Similar to my experience with the Rock ‘n’ Roll race in Providence, I was surprised at the lack of musical acts out on the course as there are non Rock ‘n’ Roll race series races that do a better job attracting musical acts to their races than it seems the Rock ‘n’ Roll series is able to do.

Upon finishing, runners were provided with some pretty significant running bling in the form of a medal that will go nicely with my racing collection.

I finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Half-Marathon with a time of 1:56:20, good for 8:53/miles.

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