Great Time Running the Dreamfar Road Race This Morning!


Last night was the Thirsty Irish Runner’s Annual Banquet therefore we had to behave ourselves as we knew this morning it was off to Sharon, Massachusetts for the Dreamfar 10k. The weather last evening was prime January conditions with a healthy coating of snow blanketing the region and several roads and streets still with a good sheen of ice on them this morning.

Commuting up to Sharon was no problem at all as the main highways were plowed and salted. We arrived at Sharon High School and made our way to the registration table and picked up our numbers. The Dreamfar 10k supports the Dreamfar High School Marathon program which is a program that teaches high school students the benefits of goal setting and hard work as a means to achieve success in high school and beyond. The same hard work and goal setting techniques apply to marathon training. As the students mileage increases so does their confidence and self-esteem; they do better in school and their overall relationships improve. It was great to see so many young runners make their way to the race and tackle the road race bright and early on a Sunday morning.

The course was a scenic and idyllic stretch through Sharon and around Lake Massapoag. The first two miles of the race seemed to be a healthy amount of very gradual climbing mixed into the run and the road conditions on the main road were wet and slushy and well supported by volunteers and members of the Sharon Police Department. With a 9AM start time, the main roads were quite clear of traffic and the snow glistening alongside the course made for some really nice running conditions. The race time temperature climbed up to about 35 therefore the little bit of warmth allowed for snow to melt from the trees and for runners to warm up while out on the course. Due to icy conditions on one of the stretches of the race, race directors wisely chose to cut out this portion of the run which shaved a mile off of the 10k course leaving the run at a 5.2 mile road race. Mother Nature always can impact a race but the race directors did a great job here ensuring runners’ safety while out on the wintry course this morning.

I finished the 5.2 miles of running with a time of 42:11 or 8:07/miles. Given the conditions, not a bad morning of running and the Dreamfar 10k is definitely a race I look forward to completing in the future, as well.

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