Register for the Dreamfar 10K


Please join The Running Griffin at the Dreamfar 10k which is being held on Sunday, January 25th in Sharon, Massachusetts. Registration is now available online by clicking here and I look forward to seeing you at the race!

What better race can there be for runners to head out and support? Dreamfar is a non-profit established to challenge high school students to reach their full potential- physically, socially, emotionaly and academically- through a mentor-supported marathon training program. As a runner, I applaud students looking to get into the running world and looking to succeed not just as they hit the pavement but in all aspects of their life, as well.

DHSM was founded in 2008 by Jamie Chaloff, a special education teacher in Newton, Massachusetts. Jamie herself a rebel in high school, was drawn to the students who fell through the cracks; she knew there had to be a way to motivate them to be the best they could be. In 2004 Jamie completed her first marathon.  Reaching the finish line was one of the most empowering moments of her life. It was that moment that everything “clicked,” and the dream of starting a high school marathon program began.

Please be sure to register today for the Dreamfar 10K and help support this important cause. Please also be sure to “Like” this organization on Facebook by clicking here.

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