Apera Bags: A Healthier Bag


The Running Griffin is pleased to announce sponsorship from Apera Bags!

Apera officially launched in June 2012 by industry veterans Andrew Youngs and Frank Steed, who together possess over three decades of experience in the retail, bags and luggage business. With their deep industry expertise, Youngs and Steed saw a void in the sports bag market. Most importantly, today’s sport bags are unhealthy – not protecting athletes from odor and bacteria. All Apera bags are protected by groundbreaking antimicrobial product protection that resists the formation of bacterial odor on both the inside and outside of the bag. Apera bags’ ventilated compartments, wipeable linings and washable inserts, ensure your bag stays clean, odor-free and most importantly, healthy.

Apera deserves a huge amount of credit for their community service principles. Apera will donate one bag to a Special Olympics athlete for every three bags they sell!

I’ve been using the Apera Duffel bag for a couple of months now and couldn’t be happier. The bag has a ton of room in it and is absolutely one of the best accessories a runner can ask for. The bag has plenty of room for a change of clothing, extra pair of sneakers, towel and toiletries if heading to the gym and maintains a clean and fresh nature to it. The bag has special pockets for your Iphone, Ipad or any other device and the special padding will ensure that your sweaty, wet gear won’t damage the devices.

Be sure to check out and support Apera Bags today and tell them The Running Griffin sent you. You can also like them on Facebook by clicking here and follow them on Twitter @aperabags.

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