Myles Standish Marathon Relay

indexIt was an absolutely frigid November day on Sunday as I made my way down to Plymouth, Massachusetts for the Myles Standish Marathon Relay. The Thirsty Irish Runners sent a contingent of seven teams down to Plymouth to partake in the festivities, camaraderie and, oh yeah, running.

The Myles Standish Marathon Relay is part of the main marathon event and takes place on the same course the marathoners hit for their 26.2 mile jaunt through Plymouth. The course takes runners through Myles Standish State Forest and onto the roads of Plymouth. What everyone who either does the full marathon or relay can agree upon is “Wow, is that a hilly course.”

The race has runners tackling rolling hills throughout the race and the course is certainly not for the faint of heart. The team that I captained for the marathon relay was the top TIR team and the group of four other runners that made up my team focused on both having fun, chatting it up and busting the paces of the other TIR teams.

Marathon relays are a whole lot of fun and running with a great group of friends makes a relay even better. Thanks to all the TIR teams for making it a good day; I look forward to next year’s Myles Standish Marathon Relay!

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