Running Scared 5K


This morning it was a beautiful fall day ideal for a 5K run just down the road starting and finishing at the Bridgewater Youth Soccer fields. The Bridgewater Youth Soccer Association sponsored this morning’s Running Scared 5K and did an absolutely great job putting on the event.

The race started in front of Rainbow’s End Playground and made its way through residential streets of Bridgewater. Though I have run many of these streets in the past, while racing along them it became pretty noticeable how there were some decent inclines on Bradley Lane and Conant Street. The Bridgewater Police Department did a nice job pacing the race and controlling traffic along the race course. Each turn along the course was marked with volunteers and a water stop was placed about half-way into the race.

After running about 2.5 miles on the pavement, runners made a left hand turn onto a dirt path which then took runners onto the grass of the soccer fields. A nice kick on the grass into the finish line made runners reminisce back to when they may have played soccer back in their own youth.

I finished the Running Scared 5K with a time of 22:33, good for 7:15/miles. The race was a nice way to spend some time this morning close to home and I certainly look forward to running next year’s Running Scared 5K, as well!

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