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Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day 5k in Holyoke, MA

HalfWay2StPats_logoThere are cities and towns across the globe that every March attempts to turn their town green and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. However, while many cities and towns try hard to resemble the Emerald Isle there is no place that does it better than Holyoke, Massachusetts. With a weekend each March complete with a road race and massive parade, Holyoke, which historically was known as Ireland Parish is a great place to spend St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

To celebrate the half-way point to St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Holyoke became home to the Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day 5k today. The race was organized by the same group that runs the 10k race in March and a huge kudos goes out to the committee for organizing another spectacular race celebrating Holyoke’s Irish heritage.

The race started at the Holyoke Lodge of Elks and the starting line was complete with Irish music, bagpipers and a singer who sang both the Irish and American national anthems. Runners headed away from the Elks quickly through a residential neighborhood, up a decent little incline before descending onto the dirt paths of Ashley Reservoir. The reservoir is home to other great races such as the Talking Turkey and the Daniel Boyle Road Race. Upon entering the reservoir, runners ran under a Holyoke Fire Department hook and ladder displaying a giant American flag.

The race then took runners through the reservoir just as a few drops of rain fell onto the runners. A water stop was at the halfway point and the finishing stretch featured the traditional uphill climb back into the area in front of the Elks. The Easthampton Fire Department helped out the town next door with another hook and ladder near the finish line displaying the Irish flag.

I felt quite strong running back in the hometown today and finished the Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day 5k with a time of 20:27, good for 6:49/miles. I certainly look forward to participating in this race again in future years!

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