WIN Detergent: The Perfect Wash for Runners

WIN_Bottles_New_SHSG-300x300Let’s face it. If you are a runner you have been known to take a whiff of your own shirt and shorts from time to time and think to yourself, “My God, I am disgusting.” And if you think you smell bad, just imagine how bad you really smell to those lining up at the starting line next to you.

Fortunately for us athletic types, we don’t have to have our odors chase our running buddies away any longer thanks to WIN Detergent. Though others have tried to make “athletic laundry detergent” the people at WIN Detergent have really perfected their product and after having used their detergent now I am a true believer that I will be WINning for a long time to come.

WIN detergent was created in 2005, and created the market for detergent for technical fabrics.  In 2011, WIN was acquired by a new management team with the goal of focusing on the sporting goods industry.  WIN is currently sold by over 250 specialty running, triathlon, and cycling shops, as well as major national retailers like Dick’s and Amazon.

Mrs. Running Griffin and I have tested out both the WIN Detergent Blue and WIN Detergent Green. Both are great options and each do the trick of thoroughly cleaning your running clothes and leaving them free of the funky smells of post-run sweat. The WIN Detergent Green is dye free and fragrance free, a perfect option for those runners with sensitive skin.

You can “Like” WIN Detergent on Facebook by clicking here and can follow them on Twitter @WINDetergent. Definitely purchase a bottle or two of WIN Detergent and give them a try today: your running partners will thank you, if nothing else!

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