Common Fence Point 5 Miler

_____4211524Yesterday it was down to Portsmouth, Rhode Island for my fourth Common Fence Point 5 Miler. This race was part of the Thirsty Irish Runners Grand Prix series therefore it was a must do race for me to stay in good standing with my running peeps.

The Common Fence Point 5 Miler is a race that most runners have a love/hate relationship with. The course itself takes part in a rather idyllic beach neighborhood and twists and turns through residential beachfront streets. That said, a couple of noticeable inclines (including on the appropriately named Summit Road) forces you to really challenge yourself along the way. This year the sun added an additional element to contend with as the overcast clouds sort of broke away just prior to race time.

For past reviews of the Common Fence 5 Miler, you can click here for 2013click here for 2012 and click here for 2011.

Yesterday was not my best running of the Common Fence 5 Miler and I finished with a time of 41:52, good for an 8:23/mile split. This is a race you know you are not going to run your best at so for next year, hang back a little and try pacing yourself to a bit slower than normal and the hills might not be as bad.

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