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Narragansett Summer Running Festival 10k


Coming off of yesterday’s big victory at the Huss Dog Jog 5k, this morning it was off to Stonehill College for the Narragansett Summer Running Festival 10k. Stonehill College is an absolutely beautiful college located in Easton, Massachusetts and served as host for the second annual Narragansett Summer Running Festival. The festival features a race for all abilities including a 5k, 10k and a half-marathon. Last year, I ran the 5k race but this year instead opted for the 10k race.

The 10k was the final race to kick off and the course was a scenic double loop through the Stonehill College campus. The run took runners past some remarkable buildings, through and onto the track surrounding the football field, across a foot bridge next to a pond and past other sections across the campus. The nice thing about double loops is that you can certainly anticipate what is ahead on the second loop but the down side to them is that for any section that might be in the sun the first time around you can all but guarantee you will be in the sun the second time, as well.

The race time temperature this year was much more manageable than last year but even still the sun was beating down on the course pretty nicely even with an early start time to the 10k at 8:40 AM. Water was available on the course and the shaded parts of the course offered runners a temporary reprieve from the heat. The race takes place on both asphalt, composite track material as well as a section that is a dirt road covered with smaller stones. Though the 10k was fully contained within the grounds of the campus, Stonehill College Police manned sections where vehicles could still pass and did a great job keeping the runners safe.

Post race, runners were invited to enjoy two free Narragansett beers including their summer favorites (Summer Ale and Del’s Shandy) and the traditional Gansett lager. A variety of businesses handed out samples and a band played some tunes to add to the atmosphere.

For a back-to-back race weekend coupled with some lower body pains I was suffering from, I ran the Narragansett Summer Running Festival 10k well and finished with a time of 49:33 or 7:59/miles.

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