16 Mile Training Run

ImageYesterday morning it was off to Norwood, Massachusetts for a 16 mile training run. Sponsored by the amazing folks at Charles River Running, this fun run took runners through various towns including Norwood, Westwood, Dover and more.

The run was a nice mix of flats and hills but some of the roads proved to be a little tricky to run along. With high snow banks to the left and drivers simply flying on some of the roads (notably Route 109), the dodging of cars certainly took its toll and added an additional element of fear into the run. For anyone who sees runners out there training, please slow down, get off your cell phone and perhaps even think for a moment about the myriad of charities, people and causes that runners might be running the Boston Marathon for in April. This will help to put into perspective that the text message you are reading is probably not all that important.

Several members of the Thirsty Irish Runners joined me in completing the fun run and having friends out there as you bust out a 16 mile training run is always helpful. An added bonus was the fact that Charles River Running had volunteers meet us every three miles with water, Gatorade and energy packets.

After the 16+ miles were complete, it was back to Charles River Running for some post-run refreshments including fresh fruit, water, yogurt, granola and amazing bagels from The Spot. Since I am a creature of habit, I also hit up Perks Coffee House which is next door to Charles River Running and is a most-stop coffee house anytime I am in the Norwood area.

With 16 miles done for the weekend, today is going to be a good rest day!

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