TR Performance & Fitness

ImageIf you are a runner in the Brooklyn, New York area you must check out our friends at TR Performance & Fitness to help you train for your next race.

Whether you are just starting to work out or are training for your third Ironman, TR Performance & Fitness can help you reach your goals. They specialize in creating flexible programs that cater to your busy life. Founded by Tom Reynolds who has worked with some of the best athletes in the nation, TR Performance & Fitness will create a plan that overcomes the biggest hurdle in any training goal: life. Your life is constantly changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals. 

Proper goal setting, Needs Analysis, and Body/Movement Assessments, are a few tools that provides Tom the information he needs to build your program. This is the foundation for a specific and individualized program tailored to you. With his education, professional experience, and nationally recognized certifications, Tom has the expertise to assist you in attaining your goals.

So if you are in need of a trainer and are located in the Brooklyn area, please check out TR Performance & Fitness and your fitness goals will be right around the corner!

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