Myles Standard Marathon Relay

ImageThis morning it was an early ride down to Plymouth, Massachusetts for the Myles Standish Marathon Relay. As part of Team A from the Thirsty Irish Runners three teams Rosie, Fitzy, Jimmy, Jamie and I packed into a car and made our way to Myles Standish State Forest for the starting line. We had already planned our legs and I was up fourth for a 6.0 mile leg that some noted was “probably the most hilly, difficult leg of the course.” Awesome.

My leg started in the Myles Standish State Forest and the first two miles had me climbing up and then running back down rolling hills that just did not quit. As I made my way out of the forest it was then onto another hilly road that led me back toward Route 3 before making a right hand turn into a residential neighborhood that was full of, yes you guessed it, some more hills. After crossing over a main road, I ran toward the mile 19 marker which was outside of the Pine Hills section of Plymouth. A left hand turn then had the last mile of running take me through a dirt road through the woods into the transition point on the back side of Rye Tavern, which is located within Pine Hills.

The last stretch of running within the woods was hands down the best part of my run, and not just because it was the only flat part. Something about running on dirt through the woods really gave an autumn feel to this section of the run.

The course was certainly not for the faint of heart and every single runner had a good chunk of hill work mixed into their leg of the run.

Proud to say that Team A from the Thirsty Irish Runners lived up to the hype and took first place amongst the three TIR teams. I felt really strong on the course today even while climbing all the hills I was tasked with and was proud to pick off some other teams along the way!

Image(Photo Credit: Random person using Anne’s phone)

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