Athletes Go Pink and Green for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ImageOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and athletes across the country are doing their part to raise awareness. The Detroit Red Wings goalie, Jimmy Howard recently wore pink goalie pads during their game against the Philadelphia Flyers and the Seattle Sounders soccer team wore pink T-shirts during their Vancouver Whitecaps game. Meaningful as these efforts are, a staggering $6 billion is still being spent every year on breast cancer research with no medical cure in sight.  Is it possible we are looking in the wrong place? ENERGYbits® thinks so.

Research has consistently shown that eating green, alkaline foods prevents breast cancer 82% of the time. The only problem is most people don’t like greens.  So, ENERGYbits® has come up with a solution. They sell tiny spirulina algae tablets called “bits” that you swallow to get all the alkaline and green nutrition you need.

The scientific community has long known about the healing and cancer preventing powers of green, alkaline foods, as the following excerpt from The European Journal of Cancer illustrates “not only did a high vegetable consumption reduce the risk of breast cancer by 75 percent but micronutrients like beta carotene reduce the risk of breast cancer by 82 percent.”

With cancer rates not slowing down, and with not enough people eating vegetables, ENERGYbits® decided to take a different approach. Four years ago they launched a line of algae tabs to replace anyone’s need to eat greens. Parents and children have been rejoicing ever since over this remarkably simple solution. Just swallow and go.

The nutritional evidence is compelling. Algae has more chlorophyll than wheat grass, more beta carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach and more protein than steak. It also has over 60% protein, Omega 3 and forty vitamins and minerals. In fact, algae’s nutritional pedigree is so deep, there are 100,000 studies documenting its health benefits including its ability to improve mental focus, increase endurance, fuel athletic performance, reduce breast cancer and more. Just as impressive, algae helps reduce hunger, fatigue, blood pressure, depression, obesity and type 2 diabetes all without caffeine, sugar, gluten or drugs. All for one calorie per tab. Olympic athletes and NASA astronauts have used algae for decades. In Japan, where they take it every day, there are 75% fewer incidences of breast cancer. Could it be the algae? ENERGYbits® thinks so.

With all of this scientific evidence and fifty years of use to back up its safety, the only problem with algae seems to be that no one outside of Asia knows about it or its health benefits. ENERGYbits® decided to change that. It’s taken four years to build their momentum but they have finally succeeded in making algae fun, easy to understand and easy to take. The results are encouraging. All across the USA and Canada, women, children, families and pro athletes from the Olympics, NFL, NHL, marathons and other sports are seeing their health, mood and energy improve naturally, all thanks to their algae. ENERGYbits® goal is to have everyone taking algae. A lofty vision indeed. But the stakes are high. There are over 200,000 cases of breast cancer being reported every year, and if 82% of them can be prevented with green nutrition like algae, 164,000 lives could potentially be saved every year. Not to mention significant improvements in one’s quality of life.

Unlikely as it seems, could something as natural and simple as algae be the breast cancer cure we’ve been waiting for? ENERGYbits® thinks so. Algae makes health possible. ENERGYbits® makes it easy.

During the month of October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, visit and enter discount code “pink” to receive a 25% discount off your purchase. Your body says thank you.

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