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Pam’s Run 5 Miler

ImageThis morning it was off to Wayland, Massachusetts for Pam’s Run, a 5 mile race to support Neighbor Brigade. Pam’s Run is dedicated to the memory and legacy of Pam Manikas Washek, founder of Neighbor Brigade and tireless champion for families in crisis.

Neighbor Brigade establishes and mobilizes networks of community-based volunteers to provide immediate services for individuals and families experiencing sudden crisis such as devastating illness, surgery, or accident. All services are delivered with care, quickly, and are free of charge. Please visit our website at www.neighborbrigade.org to learn more!

Prior to the start of the race a few speakers talked about the amazing work that Neighbor Brigade provides and Pam’s children gave a touching speech about their mom and the work that she sought to do before she passed. With the singing of the National Anthem, runners were off onto the course.

The race organizers noted that the race was rather hilly and it indeed lived up to that reputation. The 5 mile course took runners through mostly residential roads of Wayland, a quaint New England town with some rather large homes you ran past and admired. With the leaves starting to change over and race temperatures hovering around 65 degrees, it was a perfect day for a fall run. I skipped the first water stop just past Mile 1 but looking back in hindsight probably should have taken a water since by the time mile 3.5 came up where the next water stop was I certainly needed it. After hitting the water stop it was back up a couple of good hills. The last mile of the course was thankfully rather flat which allowed me to pick up some time heading into the finish line. As I made the last turn, a sea of supporters cheered myself and other runners in.

This was the first ever Pam’s Run and for a first time race it was remarkably well organized. There was close to 500 runners and walkers at the race and race atmosphere was top notch with a local radio station, a band, plenty of food and water and a lot of really happy people remembering the memory of Pam and supporting Neighbor Brigade.

I finished Pam’s Run with a time of 39:09 good for 7:50/miles. Given the success of this race, I am pretty confident there will be a 2nd Annual Pam’s Run next year!


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