Cosmic Run Boston


Cosmic Run is a nocturnal, 5 Kilometer journey through the world’s most extravagant expressions of light, sound, and color. Run, walk, jog, or dance as you witness an electrifying world filled with towering LED and 3D-animated lighting elements, fluorescent-glowing color transformations, and heart-pounding dance music. Talented EDM DJ’s headline the cosmic finale, creating an after-party of epic proportions!

Cosmic Run is coming to the Boston area on October 19th to Raynham Park located at 1958 Broadway in Raynham.

You will become like the brilliant elements around you when you transform into cosmic colors that become luminescent under the night sky. Vivid lasers will set the path toward your exquisite fluorescent-color transformations.

With a race time start of 8PM, Raynham Park will be the place where you can push the limits of your imagination with the most electrifying experience on mother earth.

To register for Cosmic Run Boston, please click here. If you are interested in checking out other cities where Cosmic Run will be visiting, please click here. Lastly, you can “Like” Cosmic Run on Facebook by clicking here and you can follow Cosmic Run on Twitter @CosmicRun5k.

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