2013 MAD Scramble Road Race


Thursday evening after work it was race time! Heading from the office onto the train and to the car it was then off to Milton, Massachusetts for the 2013 MAD Scramble Road Race. This race is annually held on a weeknight at 6:30 PM and brings runners through a rather challenging 5.1 mile course throughout the town of Milton, Massachusetts. Milton is just outside the city limits of Boston and the race brings runners across Milton’s streets as well as some trails and paths mixed in for good measure.

Evening running can always be trick y as you need to watch your consumption during the day (aka, don’t drink my usual 5 cups of coffee) and the weather, particularly in the summer, could be subject to change. Race time temperatures were just shy of 70 degrees but the humidity was certainly noticeable.

The MAD Scramble supports the Detective Michael A Devin Memorial Fund. Proceeds from the race fund scholarships, support juvenile athletic programs, and provide assistance to families in need.

The race starts out quite flat as for the first mile runners quickly make their way off the pavement and head into a park completing a loop along packed dirt along a pond reminiscent of some cross-country trails from back in my high school running days. After completing the loop through this park it is back out onto the pavement for a while. The course is a deceivingly hilly terrain with just enough gradual risers to make your legs really take notice quite quickly. One of the larger hills is just outside of the Milton Libary where runners start heading toward the three mile marker.

Just about the entire fourth mile is within another trail section of Milton and although the summer rains have been hitting us pretty hard lately the terrain for the most part was not too badly impacted. As runners make their way out of this trail system, the final three-tenths of a mile or so is back out onto the pavement racing through a couple quick residential turns and heading into the finish line. As I crossed the finish line, the moisture from the humidity and sweat was pouring off of me and the water at the finish tasted just a bit better than normal. I finished the 2013 MAD Scramble with a time of 41:11, good for 8:05/miles.

Post-race the organizers put on a great cookout complete with burgers, hot dogs, fruit, cookies and more. A local radio station was handing out ice cream and a couple of vendors sampled their products. I also learned I won a raffle prize from Charles River Running which was one of the vendors at the race!

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