LaceLocker Joins The Running Griffin

The Running Griffin would like to welcome our newest sponsor LaceLocker!

LaceLocker is a sports apparel specialty device which securely stores tied shoe laces. LaceLocker keeps laces clean and they don’t stick out like other devices. Laces do not flop around and you won’t have to change or alter them. It is durable, washable, light weight and nearly indestructible.


Neely Spence Gracey, eight time NCAA Division II National Champion at Shippensburg University and Brooks-Hanson Elite Mid-Distance Runner, officially launched her professional website. Neely also endorses LaceLocker. “As soon as I started running with LaceLockers, I was committed. They are simply genius and a product with which I am proud to be involved.”

This weekend I took my LaceLocker out for a run. I have the silver with black writing LaceLocker and they look great on my running sneakers. The LaceLocker is light and does not feel clunky or cumbersome and did not interfere in any way with my running gait. The LaceLocker definitely kept my shoelaces in place during the run and when I was done with my run they were easy to remove from the sneaker and they held up just fine during the run. Any concerns I had before heading about how the LaceLocker were certainly resolved during the run and the LaceLocker will certainly be coming with me on future runs!

To purchase a LaceLocker online, you can click here to see the options available and to pick the one for you. You can also “Like” LaceLocker on Facebook by clicking here.

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