Lazy Lobster 5 Miler


The day after running the Mt. Washington Road Race, most people would just put their feet up on the couch and relax. The Running Griffin is not most people: I’m some kind of crazy. We drove back to Massachusetts Saturday afternoon after the Mt. Washington race and with a few hours of rest I was back out on the pavement.

Sunday morning it was down to Wareham, Massachusetts for a nice and early 9AM start at the Lazy Lobster 5 Miler. Known as the Gateway to Cape Cod, Wareham is a residential, coastal community that served as a great host town for this first annual run. The race served as a fundraiser for myTEAM TRIUMPH-Cape Cod.

The course was a nice, rolling course along residential roads and even past an appropriately named Griffin Way. The 5 mile race was nicely supported with water along the way and thankfully the race started at 9AM as the temperatures were creeping upward quite quickly. There was a moderate hill just shy of the 4 mile marker, which after running Mt. Washington seemed like nothing but certainly brought flashbacks to my calves and made it a bit difficult to truck up.

After running such a daunting race as the Mt. Washington Road Race the day before, getting out of bed Sunday was a step in the right direction and just coming into the finish line was the goal I had in mind. However, as I was on the course I felt really good and figured I would keep the hammer down throughout the run. I was quite pleased coming into the chute with a time of 39:29, good for 7:54/miles and scoring 20th overall in the race.

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