Run for Patrick and Jess


On Sunday it was a quick trip to Taunton, Massachusetts to take part in the Run for Patrick and Jess. A 3.1 mile fun run where runners raced along a timed course, the race was a fundraiser for Patrick and Jessica Downes, newlyweds who were both injured in the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon which resulted in both of them requiring amputations. Since the bombings, Patrick and Jessica have been in separate hospitals but are now together at Spaulding Rehabilitation together.

The race took place in the Myles Standish Industrial Park and was a relatively flat 3.1 mile course with the largest inclined mixed in about half way into the run. The temperatures were quite warm hovering around 90 degrees and the sun baked down upon the runners as we made our way out onto the course. A water station was a little past the 2 mile mark along the route and volunteers directed runners at the turns. I finished the 5K with a time of 22:59 which was good for 7:25/miles.

With all of the bad that came with the Boston Marathon bombings it is comforting to see the good that can come out of such a horrific event. It was touching to see the people who flocked to a fun run to help raise money for those injured in the attack. For all that a few, rogue terrorists tried to take from us on that fateful morning the one thing that they could never take is the amazing American spirit that when knocked down shows we can pick ourselves back up again and persevere even in the worst of times. Through running, the runners on Sunday were able to raise some good funds to support Patrick and Jess and also showed how strong the running community is.

If you are interested in supporting Patrick and Jess, a donation page has been established and you can donate online by clicking here.



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