Westport Chiropractic Joins The Running Griffin


The Running Griffin welcomes our newest sponsor Westport Chiropractic!

Located in Westport, Massachusetts, Westport Chiropractic is a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you achieve your health goals. Whether those goals are:

  • Pain relief
  • Recovery from injury
  • Better movement/function
  • More energy
  • Pain/injury/disease prevention or
  • Maximizing personal potential

Westport Chiropractic can help with the most up-to-date, safe, comfortable and effective treatment available in an atmosphere of sincere warmth and caring.

As a runner, we all know the importance of taking care of your body and whether through modalities such as stretching, massage or chiropractic it is essential to pay attention to those aches and pains as part of your training regimen. Westport Chiropractic offers traditional chiropractic techniques but also offers massage and nutritional consultation.

Westport Chiropractic is accepting new patients and you can book an appointment online by clicking here; please be sure to tell them you saw them on The Running Griffin! You can also follow Westport Chiropractic on Facebook by clicking here.

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