The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race and Walk


ImageRegistration is now open for The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race & Walk. Please join The Running Griffin at this race to be held in Mansfield, Massachusetts on August 24, 2013. You can click here to register online.

The Jamie Fund Organization believes it is important to educate typically developing children about acceptance of the special needs children in their communities. They endeavor to create and maintain an infrastructure which would provide the opportunity for others to participate in our existing programs and/or develop similar initiatives meeting the criteria of our charter. Additionally, they endeavor to provide programs, tools, funds and training for effective development of these programs wherever likeminded individuals and communities need them.

The Jamie Fund was created to help make a difference, first in Mansfield and then throughout other cities and towns that face similar issues and do not know where to turn for help.

So be sure to register for The Jamie Fund 5K Road Race and Walk today and I look forward to running with you there to support this great cause!

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