Paddy Kelly 5 Miler


The Paddy Kelly 5 Miler is typically a wintery affair, this year a blizzard dumped way more snow on the Greater Brockton area than one could have been expected to hoof a five miler race through. Race directors wisely chose to postpone the race and yesterday was the rescheduled date of the event.

Just a short trip up Route 24 to the City of Champions, The Paddy Kelly is put on by the Colonial Road Runners and takes place on a relatively flat course through D.W. Field Park. The park is the hidden gem of Brockton and is a runner’s haven as miles of pavement loop through the park along water, through the woods and past some rather remarkable scenery. Brockton is an old, mill city but proves that amongst some of the aged ruin of years past there are still some diamonds like D.W. Field Park that shine through.

The course is a standard road race course as there are several road races that take place in the park. Tower Hill was included just shy of the first mile which causes runners to put their head down and trudge their way up this pretty marked incline. A couple of additional rolling hills are mixed into the race but for the most part the terrain is quite flat which doesn’t allow for much pace variation.

My calves were insanely tight going into the second mile and I had a hard time loosening up along the course. That said, I maintained a pretty good pace and was glad to finish the race with a time of 39:59, literally a smidge short of 8:00/miles.

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