When life gives you snow…


Though I was scheduled to run a ten mile road race today, snow and whipping winds caused the race to be wisely postponed. With such weather bearing down for the second weekend in a row, it would have been really easy to brew another coffee and hunker down with flannel pants and make a big old breakfast to chow down on however I made a wiser decision and headed downstairs and hit the treadmill for a ten mile run.

I usually despise running on the treadmill however there was no option but to suck it up and use it this morning as the conditions were too dangerous to run in. Running on a treadmill is never as good as hitting the pavement however at the end of the ten miles there was a certain sense of satisfaction with completing the run that really felt good. When I Tweeted out about the ten mile run being complete, the Buffalo Marathon account replied to the Tweet applauding the efforts and noting that “Ten miles on the treadmill is better than no miles at all.” Some really good advice for when you dread hopping on the treadmill to get your miles in!

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