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Cold Winter Run in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Every year my brother and I pick a different location to visit to catch a college basketball  game, enjoy a couple of craft beers and eat food that likely is less than what most running coaches would call ideal. But tradition is tradition and this past weekend it was off to the cold city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our annual trip.

The basketball trip included the Big East matchup between Marquette University and Providence College and we quickly came to realize that the rich beer brewing history that Milwaukee is proud to boast still hods true to this very day. With visits to Lakefront Brewery and Milwaukee Brewing Company coupled with a stop recommended by Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives a good run was well in order.

Saturday morning we bundled up and took a 3-4 mile run through the streets of Milwaukee up toward the Marquette campus to check out what the campus had to offer. The streets of Milwaukee were cold and breezy but the run was much needed and running in a new city is a great way to take in the sites. We ran up toward Marquette which has the feel of being a sort of older campus smack dab in a quasi-urban setting. We ran past the campus church, athletic facility, classroom buildings and frat houses and took in the campus in a way far greater than just passing by in a rental car.

Whenever I am in a new place, running is a great way to see the city and I encourage you that if you are traveling to always pack your running gear and get some miles in. After all, since we usually eat worse when we are away from home, packing the running gear, if nothing less, allows you to really enjoy that diner, drive-in or dive!

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