Christmas Eve Eve Run from Savin Hill Yacht Club


This morning it was into Boston for a Christmas Eve Eve fun run with about 15 other Thirsty Irish Runners. We started from the Savin Hill Yacht Club and hugged the Atlantic Ocean for most of the run. The route was relatively flat however the headwind was something to contend with for a good chunk of the run.

We ran out past some of the course of the POW-MIA 5 Miler and out onto Morrissey Boulevard as we made our way down toward Castle Island. As we ran out back on the loop back toward Savin Hill Yacht Club the wind became quite strong and the resistance running really began to kick in. The legs began to feel a bit heavier, the breathing got a little bit more difficult and the miles seemed to last a little bit longer.

Thanks to Anne and Bob from the TIR’s for working to keep me honest and vice-versa, we were able to log 10.3 miles today with a pace of 8:43/miles. For a training run, I was quite pleased logging some good miles at a relatively nice training pace. Does running 10.3 miles today mean I can have an extra piece of Yule Log?

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