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Santa’s coming! I know him! I know him!


Santa Claus is coming to town! Or perhaps close to 2000 Santa Claus are coming to town!

Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Running Griffin transformed into Mr. and Mrs. Claus in New Bedford, Massachusetts for the 2nd Annual Santa Run. Participants in this 5K race are each given a Santa suit, beard and hat to run in and the race is far more about having some holiday cheer more than it is about landing a PR. The close to 2000 runners headed through the streets of New Bedford and the sea of red and white was cheered along the course by smiling children and adults alike. Though each runner has a number, the 5K is not a timed race but still has all of the running treats like some pretty tough hills, a water stop half-way through and a rather scenic stretch of the course which winds through the older downtown area of New Bedford along cobblestone streets and all.

Mrs. Claus and I ran together for the race and she could tell quickly that I was in my glory as I was dropping Santa jokes to spectators, throwing in a hearty “Ho Ho Ho” from time to time and advising those along the course that they were either on the good list or naughty list. The race was a blast!

What was pretty cool about this race is that the theme of the run really brought out some first time runners since it was a non-competitive race. As a runner, I am always encouraged to see people out there running a race for the first time and hope that those that participated in yesterday’s Santa Run hit the pavement again soon.

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