Running on Turkey Day


Thanksgiving: all the fixings, pie, beer, more pie. What’s not to love about Thanksgiving?

But prior to stuffing my face it was off for a great run around Whiting Reservoir in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Whiting Reservoir is one of the many reservoirs in Holyoke and is has the peak of Mt. Tom in the background along the run. It was a great 4 mile run to burn some calories prior to putting the feedbag on. The scenery at Whiting Reservoir is simply unmatched and running there makes the miles just pass by.

If you are in the Western Massachusetts area for the weekend or if you are looking for a race to travel to, I highly recommend the Talking Turkey which will take place on Saturday at 1PM within the scenic grounds of another Holyoke reservoir, Ashely Reservoir. This race is a flashback to running cross country races and is one of the greatest fall runs around.

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