On Running Demo at Spark Bike Run Sports

Fall was in the air and getting a run in today was most certainly on the agenda. It was over to Spark Bike Run Sports on Route 44 in East Taunton today for a demo of sneakers by the company On. Having not heard of the brand previously I was interested to give the sneakers a try and the staff of Spark and sales rep from On were both cool with allowing folks to take the sneakers for a spin prior to purchasing. I got just over a 3 mile loop in through some of the side roads off of the busy Route 44 and came to really liking the feel of the sneakers.

On’s technology for the sneakers is pretty interesting. From their website the best description comes. “A piece of circular rubber, which absorbs both the vertical and the horizontal impact. As the foot hits the ground with forward momentum, the CloudTec™ element folds back, effectively allowing the foot to glide to a softer halt. After landing, the element is compressed by the weight of the runner, locks together and is fully firm for the push-off.”

Definitely could feel that the way that the sneaker landed was a bit different than other sneakers I have run with. There was a sort cushion in the step that was immediately noticeable and though the sneakers felt lighter on my feet they still maintained good support during the run.

Post-run I opted to purchase the pair of On Cloudrunner’s that I had used for the demo run and scored a nice 20% off the sneakers.

I look forward to logging some more miles in my new pair of On Cloudrunner running sneakers and hope to be able to try the next model when they are released.

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