Fishermen’s Tribute 5k Road Race and Walk


ImageThis morning it was down to New Bedford for the Fishermen’s Tribute 5k Road Race and Walk. The race started and finished at the historic Fort Taber which hugs the Atlantic Ocean and the grounds around the fort are absolutely stellar. Nice walking/running paths, a playground for kids and great views of the ocean make this a really nice place to start a 5k run. There is a museum at Fort Taber, as well, and if you have never been down to this park in New Bedford I highly encourage you to check it out.

The Fishermen’s Tribute 5k Road Race and Walk is raising funds for the establishment of a memorial dedicated to those fishermen who lost their lives at sea which will be built on the Fort Taber grounds. There was a sketch of the planned statue at the race and it looks as though it will be a beautiful addition to the park.

The 5k race was remarkably well organized with two water stops at the Mile 1 and Mile 2 marker. The first mile of the race was relatively flat as runners ran out and hugged the ocean to their right. After the Mile 1 marker, we made a left hand turn and started to run through some residential city streets and up some pretty good hills. The hill leveled off and gave a nice downhill that led back toward the water on the other side of the peninsula. Once you hit the Mile 2 marker, you then began to climb gradually again along the coast and toward the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Marine Center. You then made a final left hand turn and headed uphill on a shaded road which led to a good downhill finish to the race.

Post-race there were volunteers at the end of the chute handing out water bottles which was great especially since even though the race began at 9AM the vastly unshaded course caused for the sun to really warm things up quickly. Oranges, bagels and granola bars were available for runners after the race, as well.

I finished the Fishermen’s Tribute 5k Road Race and Walk with a time of 23:52, good for 7:41/miles.

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