Hollis Fast 5K

ImageLast Thursday it was off to Hollis, NH for the Hollis Fast 5k. Billed as New England’s Fastest 5K race, I have always had this race on my to-do list but never made it up north for the run. Though the traffic getting there after work was pretty miserable for the 6:30 PM start, the race itself was worth the aggravation on the roads leading there.

The race takes place in the quaint New England town of Hollis and has a really nice downhill grade the entire route of the course. The course drops 224 feet from start to finish and you can feel your legs letting loose on the course. With 1300 runners in the race, the wide country road leading downhill makes for a good course to have a good time on. Of course the race has chip timing which allows for an accurate timing for the fast 5K. Buses took the runners to the starting line, music and announcements were provided at the starting line and there was water available before runners headed out on the course.

The Hollis 5K has been featured in Runners World, The Wall Street Journal and on Coolrunning.com and the expectations that I had going into the race were far exceeded. The race was a great course, the downhill grade allowed for a good time and the post-race refreshments and free massages were a perfect way to end the race.


The winning time for this race was an amazing 14:09 by Ruben Sanca which is a remarkable 4:35/miles. I was able to pick up the pace pretty well on the Hollis Fast 5K and finished with a time of 22:03, good for 7:07/miles.

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