Katie’s Memorial Scholarship 5K Road Race

ImageOn Memorial Day Monday we headed to Boylston, Massachusetts for Katie’s Memorial Scholarship 5k Road Race. The race is organized in memory of one of my co-worker’s daughters who passed away a few years ago due to complications from an injury she sustained in an accident. The money raised from this road race goes directly to a scholarship fund and last year the scholarship awarded an $8,000 scholarship to a high school senior heading off to college.

The race started and finished at the town common in the center of Boylston. The town common has a very traditional, New England feel to it and there was a Memorial Day celebration taking place with food, music, a handful of vendors and a plant sale all taking place that morning. The race started right on time and the first mile was a really fast and substantial downhill grade that allowed you to start the race off on the right foot.

There was a water stop half-way through the race and the second mile had some rather flat terrain to it which inevitably meant the last mile would have some climbing involved to get back to the finish line. The grade of the last mile was not as significantly uphill as the downhill was in mile 1, but the rolling hills certainly had a steep upgrade heading back to the finish. It was a good morning to really push it up those hills and I felt strong as I crested each one of the hills.

I came across the finish line with a time of 23:32 good for 7:36/miles. Given the hills involved, I am quite pleased with this result but knowing that the race is going to help out students heading off to college in memory of someone who was taken far too young was the real victory for the day.

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