Marathon Training Proves that Feet Matter: Welcome FootMatters!


If you have ever trained for a marathon you likely have noticed that you start to feel pain in new spots that you didn’t previously notice pain creeping in. After a long run, perhaps your back or hips might bother, your knee might feel a little tender after running 18 miles or perhaps your feet are just plain old tired after pounding on the pavement for a while. While having a good pair of sneakers is essential, having proper orthotic inserts also can go a really long way. I recently came across the brand FootMatters and have noticed some marked improvements in my during-run gait, less pain while out on the run and quicker recovery time after my long runs.

The FootMatters orthotics prides themselves on providing the right arch stabilization to provide runners with better in-run impact and thereby resulting in less pain. Whether you are training for a 5k or a marathon, these orthotics are comfortable and effective and provide great support. Having previously completed a marathon, I truly feel as though my training this time around has been improved thanks to the utilization of FootMatters.

FootMatters are quite reasonably priced and I can assure you that for the asking price it is far less than the deductible I paid when I had an arthroscope done on my knee a few years back. Do yourself a favor and listen to your achy back, sore knee or tired feet and purchase a pair of FootMatters today. You won’t be disappointed!

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