Glutton for Punishment: Seagull Six in Falmouth Today


Today I was off to the Woods Hole portion of Falmouth, Massachusetts for the 35th Annual Seagull Six Road Race. Now a six mile road race is usually not a big deal for me, but after doing 20 miles yesterday as part of my Boston Marathon training needless to say I was a bit sore and on the ride down to Falmouth was so tempted to pull into a diner and have breakfast instead of going off to run. Fortunately I opted to not go for the corned beef hash and eggs with rye toast and instead made it to the starting line for the run.

The Seagull Six is an absolutely amazing race that has you climbing hills for a good portion of the race. A portion of the course is the along the same roads as the Cape Cod Marathon and Falmouth Road Race and the six miles of running is a good challenge. Running along the Atlantic Ocean especially when climbing near Nobska Lighthouse makes for some breathtaking views. The finish of the race has you climbing once again in mile 5 before you head on a nice, quick down hill heading back into Woods Hole and into the finish.

Post-race festivities took place at Captain Kidd and heading back home a coffee and pastry from Pie in the Sky Bakery & Cafe absolutely hit the spot!

Even after running 20 miles yesterday, I felt pretty strong out there today and was pleased with how I ran the race. The uphills did not bother me too much and after the race I was nowhere near as tight as I thought I would be. I finished the race (which is actually 5.74 miles) with a time of 45:45 or 7:58/miles.

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