Skye Hide Arm Warmers

ImageIn New England, even though the temperature today reached 60 degrees, we are certainly not immune to the harsh elements associated with winter. Ensuring that you have the proper equipment when going out on a winter run is essential to guarantee that your body stays warm and muscles stay loose while out on a run.

I recommend you check out the company Skye Hide Arm Warmers. Skye Hide arm warmers designed specifically for the runner created with a four way stretch spandex material that breathes and moves with your body.

Their products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. – always the coolest and most unique patterns in arm warmers, they offer brand new prints monthly designed with a four stretch breathable fabric that moves with your body. The top of the sleeve has a nonslip one half inch elastic band that prevents them from slipping. Great for athletes when worn outdoors they provide added UV protection and aid in body temperature regulation by offering extra warmth on those early morning or late afternoon workouts fun for everyday wear too!

To check out Skye Hide Arm Warmers’ online store, please click here.

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