1 Step Closer 2 Home 5k

Fall was certainly in the air this crisp November morning as I made way to Norton, MA for the 1 Step Closer 2 Home 5k. This was the inaugural year for the 5k and the group that put the race together did an absolutely remarkable job.

The race started and finished at the New Testament Baptist Church and ran through residential roads near the church. The race course was a red and orange tree-lined course that had a good amount of rolling hills from start to finish but since it was an out and back in the back of your mind while working up the uphills you could relish heading back down them shortly. The race had good support along the course with water stops and miles 1 and 2 and walkers also went out on the 5k course about 30 minutes before the run so as you passed by the walkers they were able to give you a cheer.

I finished the 1 Step Closer 2 Home 5k with a time of 23:20 for 7:30/miles.

About 1 Step Closer 2 Home

I met with the race director Stacy prior to the race and she told me that several adopted children and adults registered to run today’s race.

1 Step Closer 2 Home is an adoption development program that works to ensure that this dream becomes a reality for all children.  One way it does this is through an Adoption Assistance Fund.  This is new to their program.  Starting in 2012, prospective adoptive families will be able to file an application with 1 Step Closer 2 Home for financial assistance with their adoption expenses.

Another way is their support of Casa Bernabe orphanage in Guatemala.  They send a mission team to the field each year to help the orphanage with a list of projects. 

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