Greg’s Run 5k in Lakeville, MA

Headed over to Lakeville, MA this morning for Greg’s Run 5k that started and finished at Apponequet Regional High School. The race was the inaugural running of Greg’s Run and over 300 runners and walkers took part in the event. The race took you through a rather nice residential neighborhood of Lakeville and for the most part the course was pretty flat with a slight uphill finish. The race was remarkably well orchestrated and given the success of the first ever Greg’s Run 5k, I can’t wait to head back for next years event.

Today, I intentionally ran off-pace. Some might question who would admit to such a thing but I did it for the very best reason.

Greg’s Run 5k was Mrs. Running Griffin’s first race back since giving birth to our beautiful daughter Cailin. Mrs. RG, better known as Beth Ann, had quite the complicated pregnancy and was hospitalized with preeclampsia at Tufts Medical Center for about 8 weeks prior to giving birth to our daughter. Needless to say, for a runner the thought of being confined to a bed for two months is about the worst thing possible. But the unknown about both her health and the health of Cailin was far more of a mental weight that Beth Ann was able to carry better than anyone else I could imagine. When Beth Ann gave birth to Cailin (weighing in at 2 lbs, 13 oz) and we learned that Cailin was a healthy, little baby and then finally when Cailin was able to come home after spending about 6 weeks in the NICU at Tufts Medical Center and Brockton Hospital, Beth Ann decided that it was time for her to get her running legs back.

When Beth Ann asked if I would run with her this morning, how could I say no? Since we were apart for 2 months and weren’t able to get our runs in like we normally do throughout the summer, running with Beth Ann for her first 5k back was awesome. Yes I pushed her and told her at one point, “You beat preeclampsia, you can make it up this little hill” but seeing her cross the finish line in front of me was an amazing feeling!

So kudos to Beth Ann for beating me today, it will never happen again! My time for the day was 36:22 for a pace of 11:42/mile and Mrs. Running Griffin finished just ahead of me.

Greg’s Run Scholarship

The Gregory G. Misodoulakis Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to help perpetuate Greg’s memory for future generations. Multiple scholarships will be awarded each year to a qualified Senior at Apponequet Regional High School who most embodies the fund’s established criteria:

  • Volunteer work
  • Contributes to the Apponequet community
    (Student government, Athletics, DECA, etc.)
  • Interest in the Liberal Arts and/or History/Education
  • Commitment to academic achievement
  • Based on financial need

6 thoughts on “Greg’s Run 5k in Lakeville, MA

  1. Yeah Bethie! I’m so proud of you! Remember – “they have walks for people like you.” You go, girl!

    Kevin, so awesome that you guys ran together!

  2. Great article! And congrats to Beth Ann for getting back to running so soon! Oh, and Kevin, what makes you think she won’t beat you again?

  3. Congratulations to you and your wife. And thanks for your help in making Greg’s Run a huge success in its first year. We’ll see you next year.

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