HyDrive Energy Drinks

As a runner, the need for proper hydration coupled with the need to ensure a fortified boost of energy and vitamins is essential to maintain top running performance. There are a lot of different beverages out on the market but I recently came across the brand HyDrive Energy Drinks and was impressed by both the taste of their products and the boost of energy that the brand provided.

My personal favorite is the Kiwi-Strawberry which is packed with caffeine, guarana, ginseng and Vitamin B. The flavor is smooth and non-acidic and poured over ice post-run was a great way to cool down. Though the majority of the energy drinks in the HyDrive line have a boost of caffeine within, they do have a HyDrive without caffeine should you not be able to have it for any reason.

The history of HyDrive Energy Drinks is an interesting one. For Mike Weinstein and Brian O’Byrne the answer was clear…start up your own brand. Mike had been the CEO of Snapple Beverages and the President of A&W Brands and Brian was the CEO of Yoo-hoo/Orangina. In January of 2005 they came together to form a beverage idea creation shop which they cleverly named the INOV8 Beverage Company. (Actually the guys who owned V-8 didn’t think it was so clever). Anyway, after developing a whole bunch of ideas they decided to actually produce some of them. That’s how HYDRIVE was born.

For more information about HyDrive Energy Drinks, make sure you check out their webpage by clicking here. You can also follow them on Twitter @hydrive or “Like” them on Facebook by clicking here.

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