Boston Freedom Trail Run

Mrs. Running Griffin has been in the hospital for the past 6 weeks therefore  I was looking for a good run to do while in visiting her this morning. I came across the Boston Freedom Trail Run and I have to say this was the ideal way to decompress and get an educational run in bright and early.

The Boston Freedom Trail Run is a weekly 5k run that takes place on Saturday and Sundays at 8:30 AM. Runners from across the country and even international tourists sign up to partake in the run and meet up at the historic Boston Common. Eddie O. was our tour guide this morning and he has been running the Freedom Trail Runs with his daughters for the past year.

If you have never been to Boston, the Freedom Trail is a tour through Boston and Charlestown that takes you past some of the most historic sites in American History. You can see the Old North Church, the Granary Burial Grounds (where Sam Adams and John Hancock are buried), Paul Revere’s House and a number of other sites. Red bricks along the sidewalk bring you from one site to the next so you can follow the red bricks and see the entire Freedom Trail. What is nice about the Freedom Trail Run is that it is a 5k run along that same historic red bricked path with stops at different sites along the way to educate you on the historical significance.

It is important to note that this is a fun run structure, not a race. This morning there were probably about 30 or so runners who went out on the run and the run is very paced. Had a really good sprint up a street leading up to Bunker Hill and I was the 2nd person to the top. Runners of all experiences could certainly take part in the Boston Freedom Trail Runs.

The run ends at the Charlestown Navy Yard, the home of the USS Constitution which is also known as Old Ironsides. At the end of the run, water is provided and each runner leaves with a great looking tee-shirt. All runners then grab a ferry and take a quick ride through Boston Harbor to the area near the New England Aquarium. From there, I ran back to the hospital  for some added distance.

Even though I am from the general area, the Boston Freedom Trail Run was a perfect way to tour some sites in Boston and learn along the way. For a tourist visiting Boston, this would be the absolutely ideal way to get the Freedom Trail done.

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