Make it a double today, a triple for the weekend!

That’s right, after yesterday’s Jenney Grist Mill 5k in Plymouth today was a jam-packed race day with a 5 miler at 10AM followed by a 5k at Noon. Add a half hour of commuting time between the races and I was running in more ways than one!

Traveled to South Boston today to run in the POW/MIA Run for Freedom 5 Miler. The race started at the Boston Teacher’s Union Hall and ran out along the Boston waterfront down Day Boulevard and past the Carson Beach section of South Boston. Many South Boston races run down the Day Boulevard course and today’s race was a steamy and muggy 5 miler.One note was that the water stops on the course could have been a bit better spaced as they were at about mile marker 2.25 and then at 2.75 after you did a little loop at the 2.5 mile mark.

The race was part of the Thirsty Irish Runners Grand Prix series and it was good to see a nice turnout. There was a sort of strange  feeling running through South Boston the week that Whitey Bulger was captured!

Finished the POW/MIA Run for Freedom 5 Miler in 41:55 or 8:23/miles.

Once I was finished with the 5 miler I drove from South Boston to Whitman, MA and took part in the McGuiggan’s Pub 5k. The race was part of the New England Runner’s Pub Series. The same heat was out there and the half hour ride from one race to the next was just enough to have the muscles tighten up a bit. The goal for the 5k was really to cross the finish line with a somewhat decent time and that was exactly what took place. The course was a nice, pretty flat course through residential neighborhoods of Whitman and the finished up right in front of McGuiggan’s Pub.

Finished up the McGuiggan’s Pub 5k in 27:03 for 8:42/miles. Can’t be disappointed with doing three races in one weekend and logging 11.2 miles of racing this weekend!



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