Jenney Grist Mill 5k in Plymouth, MA

Headed down to Plymouth, MA today for the Jenney Grist Mill 5k. The weather was a bit overcast and there was a light mist but there was a certain muggy nature to the air, as well. The Jenney Grist Mill 5k started at the historic Jenney Grist Mill and ran away from downtown Plymouth. At the starting line the race director announced the good news that there was only one uphill on the course but then informed us that the hill was basically from the start through the first mile.

After making your way up the first mile, a left hand turn led runners through Morton Park which turned the running terrain from asphalt to dirt. The second mile was run on dirt and then when finished with the second mile it was back onto the asphalt for a rather downhill final 1.1 miles. Great course support along the race with water stops at both mile 1 and 2 with water and bagels and bananas at the finish line.

Finished the 5k race in 23:27 for a pace of 7:32/mile. With a solid, uphill first mile I was quite happy with this time.

Here’s information about what the race proceeds support:

Plymouth’s Jenney Grist Mill is a 17th Century non-profit living history museum. Our educational programs offer a glimpse into the lives of our forefather’s and connect all who visit with the people, places, and ideas of the first settlers who came here searching for a new way of life. We believe that our country’s history is very important and that the children in the United States of America need to know and help preserve their history. We also believe that people learn best by visiting museums and other cultural institutions, especially those that bring us back into time periods like living history museums. In these difficult economic times we are trying to help families afford the cost of experiencing the rich history of this country together. We began our History for Kids program to encourage families to bring their children to the Mill so they can learn about their heritage. This program offers free admission to children age 17 and under when accompanied by a parent or grandparent.

All race proceeds are donated to support the Jenney Grist Mill’s work to keep our history alive. 


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