Running With a Pregnant Lady

On this Memorial Day as I have done for several years previously, I made my way to West Bridgewater, Massachusetts to take part in the 9th Annual Christopher’s Run 5k. This is an amazingly well organized race with all of the proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association.

The race has some amazing organization behind it and the race director Frank Nelson teams up with the Colonial Road Runners to make this race an annual must-do race. This year’s race was announced to be the largest field they have ever had.

Hot and humid out there for today’s 5k but I felt really good while out on the course. One water stop at the halfway mark but fortunately some nice residents along the course get the hose going along the course, as well. For the most part the course is flat with a couple of small hills mixed into the race but as you progress through the residential neighborhoods you really can pick up some pretty good speed.

I finished the 9th Annual Christopher’s Run 5k in 23:03 or 7:26/mile.


Congratulations to Mrs. The Running Griffin!

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Mrs. The Running Griffin completed the 5k race today, as well. What’s the big deal, you might ask? Well, she is almost 6 months pregnant and is still kicking the asphalt and doing really well. Though she might get down and mention, “My time is a little off from before I was pregnant,” it can pretty much be established as fact that if I was 6 months pregnant I probably would be home on the couch eating Ben & Jerry’s rather than running a 5k road race. And despite pre-race fears, she was not even near the last runner to come in! Way to go, I love you!


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