Harpoon 5 Miler: Back to Back Race Weekend

After yesterday’s 10k in Plympton, today took me to Boston, Massachusetts for the Harpoon 5 Miler. The race starts and finishes at the Harpoon Brewery and there are few places better to finish a 5 mile race.

The course takes you through South Boston and is a pretty flat 5 mile course. There are a few small rollers mixed in between miles 2 and 3 but for the most part the course is a course you can pick up some pretty good speed on. The race makes its way past Murphy’s Law, which is a Southie landmark bar famous in part because of its role in the film Gone Baby Gone.

Coming into the finish line, the crowd grew pretty large and the enthusiasm along the course was pretty good. Two water stops were on the course and each mile was marked with a large poster complete with a Harpoon bottle noting the mile. Of course, at each mile you could hear the folks cheering you on with a “…keep running, beer is at the finish line.”

The post-race was quite expansive and each runner received a plastic pint glass and beer tickets. Just about the freshest Harpoon beers you can find were served and I opted for their Belgian Pale Ale, and though it was before 11AM, I figured with running two races in one weekend I had earned it. Though I only stuck around for one and a bite to eat, it looks like the after party was going to be blast.

I completed the Harpoon 5 Miler in 36:23 or 7:15/miles. This is one of my fastest 5 mile races ever!

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